Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Sneak Peek

I have discovered that Monday seems to be my most productive day. I guess it's all that gung-ho, get the week off to a good start energy. Therefore, I think I'll try to schedule my weeks accordingly, with no errands to run on Mondays. Or maybe it was the fact that it was a cold, rainy Monday that helped. At any rate, I managed to finish a scene and rewrite another, plus getting some research reading done.

Oddly, it seems to be much quicker to just rewrite a scene than to try to take what I've written and revise it to fit something new. Still, I keep feeling like I don't want to trash what I've already written, so I go through the exercise of copying and pasting, then rewriting around it, only to end up deleting the old stuff, anyway. Ah, the games we play with our own minds ...

It now seems that Don't Hex With Texas has its page up at Amazon, complete with cover (but without any plot info). And you can get an extra discount when you pre-order books. In case you want to do that, here's the link.

But if you don't want to do that without seeing plot info, well, I can do something about that. Here's the preliminary cover copy:

Everything’s bigger in Texas—including romance, magic, and danger!

Katie Chandler has fled fast-paced Manhattan and returned home to a simpler life, working at her family’s feed-and-seed store in Cobb, Texas. Leaving the sexy wizard Owen Palmer to battle his demons in the magical realm may have been a selfless gesture—after all, Katie seemed to attract evil, which only made Owen’s job a lot harder—but now it seems like trouble has followed her home. And despite the fact that Merlin, Katie’s old boss at Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., has assured her that Cobb is free of enchantment, magically speaking, Katie begins to notice curious phenomena.

Soon Cobb is being plagued by a series of unexplainable petty crimes and other devilish mischief, and after her experiences in Manhattan, Katie knows "unauthorized magic" when she sees it. As this new dark magic strikes deep in the heart of Texas, Owen appears (literally) to investigate. Now Katie’s friends and family must show the bad guys why it’s bad luck to hex with Texas, while Katie and Owen combine their strengths like never before to uncover a sinister plot before evil takes root in the lone star state.

Only a little more than three months to go!

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