Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Grab Bag of Geekery

After having been more or less a slug the past couple of weeks, I've decided to reboot the new year today. I dragged myself out of bed at a semi-reasonable hour (for me), have already done a load of laundry, and am more or less on schedule for the things I want to accomplish today. We'll see how long it lasts.

I have no single, unifying topic for the day, so it's going to be a grab bag of sorts.

We'll see how the series plays out, but I am intrigued by the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm especially digging the Rivernator. Yeah, we saw Summer Glau kick all kinds of ass in Serenity, but they gave her that stringy hair, wild-eyed, crazy look. Here, she's so very, very pretty, with cute hair and makeup, totally doll-like. And then she kicks ass. I'm trying to ignore all the timeline woes and inconsistencies with the movies. They seem to be negating the existence of the third one (which I actually liked more than I liked T2), and it does make sense that the events of T2 would totally change the future timeline. Of course, thinking about the timelines and time paradoxes in the movies was always a good way to give yourself a headache. Note to self: I really need to get the DVD of the first movie, and I guess the director's cut of the second that actually includes the scenes with Michael Biehn (the actor James Cameron loves to kill -- I'm still surprised he didn't get a cameo as a doomed passenger on the Titanic). Oh, and did anyone else think that Sarah's fiance at the beginning looked disturbingly like Robert Patrick? Would she seriously have gone for a guy who looked just like a Terminator? That distracted me through the whole scene. Maybe there's supposed to be some kind of kinky Freudian thing at work here.

Meanwhile, for something as far from science fiction as Jane Austen, the adaptation of Persuasion on PBS last night was like a big geek explosion. We had Gillian Anderson of The X-Files hosting, then Anthony Head of Buffy and Doctor Who, we had the Borg Queen in period attire (but still looking enough like the Borg Queen to be thoroughly creepy). Plus Larry from the Doctor Who episode "Blink." We could even sort of count "the new guy" (Not!Tom) from MI-5 in the role of our hero. Those BBC costume dramas always have me playing "Hey, it's that Chap!" (the British version of "Hey, it's that Guy!"), and a check of IMDB usually reveals that the actor who looks vaguely familiar has guest starred in Foyle's War, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, or any combination of the above.

Speaking of MI-5, why did A&E quit showing it? They aired one episode of the then-new season last year with no fanfare at some godawful inconvenient time, had the next one in the listings, but then never showed it, and then it dropped off entirely. You'd think it would be enough in the spirit of their current lineup of crime type shows to make the cut (terrorism is a crime, after all), but I guess the fact that it's British made it too classy for the "new" A&E.

It was interesting seeing Gillian Anderson because she's two days younger than I am and therefore makes a good celebrity aging barometer for myself. Of course, it's hard to judge, since she has professional makeup and lighting, but I think I'm doing pretty well. She looks good, too, but she's got a kind of gaunt, severe look that I think ages her. I watched The Last King of Scotland yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see her in it, and she looked much better there (it took me a while to figure out who she was). The self-esteem boost there was that James McAvoy's character had the hots for her. I'd thought he was cute, but way too young, so it was rather fun to see him going after a woman my age.

And now in order to stay on schedule, I must wrap this up and prepare to move on to the rest of my work day.

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