Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Movie Adventures

Because I was a very good girl yesterday and accomplished everything on my to-do list, including sending a proposal to my agent, I decided to reward myself by going to a movie. The plan was to see Shrek the Third, since I'm doing research on fairy tales right now and I thought that would be appropriate. I actually went to the theater yesterday, but got there to find two day care mini-buses in the parking lot. I tried telling myself that sharing a theater with kids would probably make the movie funnier, and day care teachers are often stricter with kids than their parents are. And besides, they might have been going to see that penguin movie and I wouldn't have to deal with them at all then. So I went inside and found the lobby full of kids. They weren't exactly rowdy, but they weren't too well-behaved, and the teachers didn't seem to have a lot of control over them. So, I thought maybe I'd see the new Pirates movie, instead, since I doubted a day-care center would be taking kids that age to see it. But then I realized that they were selling the movie tickets at one register at the concession stand, and there was one person working the concession stand, and all those kids were in line for snacks -- and it was five minutes until the movie started. I decided to try again later. Today, there were no kids in the theater, so it was totally quiet, but they were still using the one register where they sell tickets to also take concession orders, so I had to wait behind a couple of people ordering a ton of stuff before I could get my movie ticket.

My verdict on the movie: I think it may actually have been funnier than the first (which I watched last weekend), but that could have just been because I hadn't memorized it yet. I like some of the fairy tale twists, like what they did with the princesses. But, hey, I'm easy. If a movie like that makes me laugh a few times, I'm happy.

Maybe I'll see Pirates on Friday, but that means I have to be good today and get some work done.

I think I've done enough soul-searching for one week, so I'll do another Judy Blume Moments spot next week. A whole week or even a few days of that will have us all reverting to junior high mode, and that's not healthy. I did get one good thing out of posting that awful picture: when I went looking for it, I found all the fun Browncoat and Firefly buttons that I like to put on my badge lanyard at conventions. I hadn't seen them since a cleaning spree earlier in the year, and I was afraid they'd accidentally fallen in the trash, or something. Now I have them for the rest of this summer's conventions. I also found the wallet-size photos of a lot of old school friends, some of whom I remember vividly and some I don't remember at all.

I'm about to do one more re-read and tweak of book 4. It's been ages since I looked at it, so I think I may find a few more things I want to adjust. And it's been about a year since I started writing it. Wow. Where does the time go? This is a really, really fun book. Just thinking about it makes me grin. Now I think I'll get myself a Dr Pepper and settle in to read it.

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