Saturday, June 09, 2007

Greetings from Oklahoma

Greetings from Oklahoma City! I'm here at SoonerCon and having a blast. We had a great Firefly panel last night, and then in one of the media rooms they showed the pilot episode for Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff. I may regret watching that later because I really got into it, but it seems it's going to be on BBCAmerica rather than Sci Fi, and I don't get BBCAmerica. Maybe they'll put it up OnDemand, like they did with Robin Hood, but they skipped a few episodes of that, which from what I understand of Torchwood, would be a very bad thing to do with this series.

This morning we had a "coffee klatch" chat with fans over coffee/breakfast, and I ended up combining tables with Rachel Caine. And then both of us ended up lingering to join Lee Martindale's table. And then stood in the hallway chatting about conventions, Harry Potter and publishing, among other topics.

On the drive up, I stopped at bookstores along the way to meet the staff and sign copies, and the Oklahoma City outpost of the Chain Which Must Not Be Named had sold out of Damsel Under Stress in the first month of release. So, there! They reordered while I was standing there. And it turns out, from what I'm hearing from other authors, that this chain has slashed their orders for EVERYTHING. It's a corporate strategy that doesn't reflect the success or failure of any one author. Which maybe means my publisher was looking for an excuse (or so I would think were I inclined to be paranoid).

I've got another panel and an autographing this afternoon, and I may get wild and crazy and audition for the live radio drama they're doing at the convention, just for fun. Now I think I'm going to go play fangirl and go to the panel with Casey Biggs, who played Damar on Deep Space Nine (probably my favorite Cardassian character, aside from Garak, of course).

Maybe more updates later if I have anything to say.

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