Sunday, June 10, 2007

More from the Con

A very, very quick note before I have to check out of the hotel (that is, if I can even post it -- the wireless here is running slllooooowwww).

The panel yesterday with Casey Biggs of DS9 and Vaughn Armstrong (who's been on most of the Trek series in various roles) was a hoot. They have a blues band that does Trek-related songs like "The Redshirt Boogie Blues," and they performed a bit. It was rather hilarious. Then I had a panel and an autographing session. The autographing session was rather ... um ... quiet, as it was late in the day when people were packing up to leave or heading out for costume stuff. Fortunately, I'd dropped by the con suite, where the Doctor Who fan group was doing a tea party, beforehand, so I was happy with tea and cookies and enjoyed the chance to just sit and watch people go by. Last night, I went out with some cool people for dinner, and then I sat in my hotel room and watched That's Entertainment (the documentary about MGM musicals) on public television before going to bed rather early.

I just did another panel, and then I have a reading (if anyone shows up) this afternoon before I head out. I remain annoyingly shy, so although I've passed Stephen R. Donaldson several times, I've yet to say anything because I'm afraid it would come out gushing fangirl. Maybe before the end of the weekend I'll manage a word or two. And then I have to drive home.

It's kind of weird being back in Oklahoma after so long. I was born here and went to elementary school here, just to the southwest of Oklahoma City, so things are both strange and familiar, since a lot has changed in the past 30 or so years. I picked up a lot of tourist brochures at the visitor center on the border, and reading the ones about the Lawton/Fort Sill area made me kind of homesick.

Meanwhile, my watch died sometime during the night Friday night, and as the battery had a five-year warranty and it's only been three years, I'm suspecting it's the watch itself, which is rather old, and it was a cheap watch to begin with. I'm still wearing it so I won't lose it, but then I forget and keep looking at it to see what time it is, since in situations like this I have no sense of the passage of time. I've taken to keeping my cell phone in my pocket so I can use it as a watch. I have a couple of stand-by back-up watches at home, but I'll have to get the bands adjusted because they're way too big for my wrist.

And now I need to get packed and check out of the hotel.

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