Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Today totally got away from me. I spent most of the day baking cookies (for holiday care packages), rewriting the back cover copy for Damsel Under Stress and suggesting some changes to the cover. Then I found out that every e-mail my agent tried to send during this discussion bounced, because apparently my server has decided to reject anything from her server. My next mission was to contact my ISP to find out what the deal was, so I used their customer service form to paste in the header info from the last e-mail I got from my agent and let them know that I really needed to be able to receive e-mails from this server -- and then got a response that they were having technical difficulties and I'd have to submit my request again later.

Yep, you heard that right, folks. The place where you go to report technical difficulties was having technical difficulties.

And somehow, that ate up the whole work day. I did get kind of a late start, though. It wasn't super cold this morning, but I still have a hard time dragging myself out of bed on cold mornings. I'm all warm and snug and comfortable. I'm not really oversleeping because I'm not actually sleeping. I'm just lying there, thinking and daydreaming. Next thing I know, the morning's almost gone and I'm still in bed. I may resort to setting an alarm in the morning, but that doesn't mean I won't still lie there for an hour.

Tonight's to-do list includes writing five 60-second radio scripts and watching the movie Serenity. Yes, that is for work. Sometimes I really love my job. And I think I'm falling for Firefly all over again after watching the entire series in a marathon. Curses to Fox for the premature cancellation that robbed us of so many stories. And if you haven't seen it, really, check it out!

I'm supposed to be giving my Christmas wish list to my parents, but I'm drawing a blank. I like giving a big list, not because I want everything on it, but because I want to be surprised by what I get. The list I have right now is so small that odds are I'll get everything on it, and that's no fun. I like surprises and guessing. I was never one of those kids who tried to find where Mom hid the Christmas gifts. I also never shook the boxes or studied them. I wanted to be surprised. With a big list, my parents can pick a few things, and I won't know what they are. So, what should I ask for? Nothing too big or expensive because my birthday gift was the biggie this year.

Tomorrow: a very special book report.

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