Friday, December 01, 2006

Magical CDs and Other Madness

Our snow and ice is almost gone now, just a few little patches in shady areas. It's still rather chilly, though. The neighborhood tree lighting party is tonight, but I'm not sure I want to go out walking in the cold. I also feel a bit awkward as about the only person there alone. In this day and age, I worry that parents would wonder about the "loner" there around all the kids. Plus, I'd have to be sure to be able to be home in time for Dr. Who. Priorities! But hey, it was a cliffhanger two-parter! And with Firefly-like music.

Today's big accomplishment was getting more or less caught up on reader e-mail. And then I have to get back to work on that book proposal, since I ended up spending most of yesterday baking. I know I planned to spend the month more or less slacking, but now I realize how much work I have to get done in the next couple of weeks. Eeek.

I now have definitive proof that the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas has magical powers. I was playing music while baking, and the snow had pretty much stopped. Then the moment I put on that CD, the snow started again. It reached its heaviest point the moment the "Skating" cut came on, the one that sounds kind of like snowflakes falling. The snow tapered off after that cut ended, then stopped almost at the time the CD did.

Now I'm almost afraid to play that CD, especially on a day when I need to go out somewhere or do something. However, if we get another near-80-degree day anytime soon, I may give it a shot.

I had my usual Betty Crocker reaction to cold, gray, rainy or snowy weather: I baked like a madwoman. First I made Spritz Christmas tree cookies. I have this strong association of those with snow, probably from the time it snowed on Christmas Eve when I was about seven and my mom made those while I was out playing in the snow. Then I baked some bread so I'd have something to go with the vat of vegetable soup I then made (since I didn't have any crackers).

I guess with all the deadlines I have this month, I'll be rolling over my "vacation" days until next year -- after the Nonconformists Writing Month in January.

Oh, and five more months until Damsel Under Stress! I got the Ballantine catalog today, and it looks like they really are going to publish it. Go figure.

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