Saturday, September 30, 2006

TV Talk

It's a weekend (though I'll probably end up working more than I do on an average weekday), so let's take a little time out from all that business and work stuff and talk about leisure time. It's TV Talk day!!!

I caught the repeat of the premiere of Heroes on Sci Fi last night (for some weird reason, I didn't feel like watching it Monday night on NBC), and I think I may like it. They seem to be going with a theme similar to what I use in my series, that everyone may have something special about them in some way, some reason for being. At the moment, this show may take itself a little too seriously, and a bit of humor would be welcomed. I'll give this one a shot, but I'm still not sure if I'll just make it part of Sci Fi Friday or if I'll bother watching on Mondays.

I've been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip mostly because I get the feeling that I should. It's the show that's getting all the buzz. I'm just not sure I care. I do enjoy the glimpses into the creative process, and I'm intrigued by the fact that they have an explicitly Christian character who is portrayed as being nice, talented, smart and not the usual range of ignorant/bigoted stereotypes. I have a feeling that this one will go the way Lost did with me, where I forget to watch or tape one week and realize I don't feel like I missed anything so I just give up on it. I've also been watching Standoff because it comes on after House and because it has both Ron Livingston and Gina Torres in it. It's kind of fun, brainless background noise for writing radio scripts.

I taped Ugly Betty but haven't watched yet. I may give Friday Night Lights a try while Fox is off playing baseball. I adore Kyle Chandler, but I have a sinking feeling the show will focus more on the pretty young people instead of on him, and I'm much less interested in that. I at least want to see Mack Brown trying his hand at acting by playing the town's obnoxious athletic booster. When I first heard he was going to be on the show, I'd though he'd play himself as the UT coach, but him actually playing a character is unexpected. And that's pretty much it for me with the new series. They don't have a lot that intrigues me. And does every show on ABC's schedule have to have something to do with strangers whose lives interconnect in surprising ways?

Now, I've heard that one of the secrets to blogging is to be controversial. I'm not normally big on controversy and conflict, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and make some controversial and probably unpopular statements:

I like Lorelei and Christopher getting together on The Gilmore Girls. Her relationship with Luke was perfect for the ongoing will they/won't they witty banter with occasional romantic moments TV relationship. He was surly and she was peppy! He hated people and she got along with everyone! But when they really did get together, it sucked the life out of both characters, and I couldn't even see why these two people would want to be together. Meanwhile, it's always seemed like Christopher just got her. They have a lot in common and seem to see the world the same way. Yeah, he's been immature and a jerk, but he has been growing up over the years. It's just taken him all this time to be worthy of her. And maybe I'm a traditionalist for liking the idea of her eventually ending up with her daughter's father. It would have been a disaster when they were sixteen, but now, who knows? I kind of feel like the one person in America who sees it that way, though. I tried looking at the Television Without Pity message boards, and it was page after page of "Christopher must die because he's keeping Lorelei from her one true love Luke." So, that saves me from one potential time sink. I guess I won't be posting much there.

And for my second controversial statement, I think I like the Tenth Doctor more than Nine on Dr. Who. I might even be a little in love. Yeah, so he is pretty much my type (except with brown eyes instead of blue, but I think I can let that slide). But also because his type is so unexpected with the kind of character he is. I love juxtapositions of things that shouldn't go together, and I think it's funny that this cutely geeky guy (especially when he puts on the glasses -- swoon!) is actually this ancient and powerful being. Nine looked a bit powerful and scary, but this one looks more like someone you'd want to protect. It's like the graduate student teaching assistant in your college history class turns out to be the baddest badass in the galaxy. Him being so young and cute also brings up some interesting issues in his relationship with Rose. She truly loves the Doctor, enough so that she was willing to die to save him, but I'm not sure she yet had reached the point where she fancied him, where she thought about him in quite that way. Now, though, this guy she loved enough to die for and who loved her enough to die for her happens to look closer to her age, and he's someone she could easily fancy. That adds a layer of tension and potential conflict that will be fun to explore. I may end up buying the DVD set of this season.

Okay, now you can all hate me for being so terribly wrong. Or you can discuss and argue with me. But I have to get to work since I changed my mind about a very crucial element of this book. I hate it when I do that, but it will make it better. It just means more work.

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