Thursday, September 07, 2006


A bunch of random stuff today because I'm feeling kind of scattered. I've had so many little things to get done this week that I haven't yet managed any "real" work (as in, work on a book). That's kind of frustrating. And I still have to do another errand today since I'm out of milk and all my autographing pens have died. I've decided against going to the event I had on my calendar for tonight because, oddly enough, I really just want to stay home and work.

During an earlier errand this week (in which I forgot a lot of the stuff I went for in the first place, and thus today's errand needs), I was in Target and, as has become my habit, I had to check the bookshelf to see how my book was doing. But they've changed out that shelf! It's not there anymore! I guess it was a special deal for only two months. Who knows, maybe it sold well enough that they'll put it on the ordinary bookshelves now that it's gone from the "Breakout" shelf. To add insult to injury, the THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT collection was one of the new books that replaced mine. You know, the book that will save America from all the terrible things chick lit is doing to the brains of women. Apparently, chick lit authors are letting the terrorists win. Whatever.

But I really only dropped by the book section because it was across the aisle from where they have stuff like knee and wrist braces. Someone obviously didn't think when planning that display. They have all the brace and support things lined up according to the way they fall on the body, with wrists, elbows and shoulders at the top and knees and ankles at the bottom. However, if you have a knee bad enough to need to brace it, you can't exactly bend down to get to those things on the bottom, while a bad elbow doesn't really hurt your stooping ability. I had to sit on the floor to look at what they had to offer for knees, only to find that they only seem to think men mess up their knees. They didn't have anything small enough for me. I bought an elastic bandage instead, and I can adjust that to fit.

Is January 18, 2038, one of those dates that Nostradamus has something to say about? Because most of the spam I'm getting these days has that date on it. It feels like an omen. Or maybe a sign that all this stuff originates from one computer set to that date.

Speaking of "out there" things, it's time for another Out of the Blogosphere book blurb. The latest book touring the Blogosphere is Slave to Sensation, by Nalini Singh. This book is about a world on the verge of war between the ruling Psy, who deny all emotion, and the Changelings, who seek out the sensations the Psy disdain. One Changeling has to infiltrate the Psy, and his ticket in is a Psy who's struggling to repress her feelings.

For more info and an excerpt, visit Nalini's web site.

And now for what I hope will be my final Target run of the week.

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