Friday, February 10, 2006

Minor Dilemmas

I have one more item ticked off my to-do list. My Judy Blume essay is done. Of course, my brain had to do its usual trick of changing its mind at the last minute, so after I wrote the essay yesterday, just as I was going to bed last night I came up with a totally different angle on it that required rewriting it this morning. But I'm happy with it, and the editor said she loved it after giving it a quick skim, so that's good. Yay!

Now I have one more chapter to revise on the Monstrosity, and then I can get the last of those off to Mom. I will then give myself the weekend off before doing my big read-through starting Monday.

But it's not really a weekend off because I have to speak to a library group tomorrow, and I should be preparing for that right now. I also have a ton of reader mail to respond to, some updates to make to the web site (like the new release date), and a few PR things to take care of. I'm hoping to get the Monstrosity to my agent next week, which then means I can watch the Winter Olympics guilt-free (ah, I knew there was a method to my madness) while my agent reviews it.

They're really presenting me with a dilemma tonight. I always watch the opening ceremonies, but hello, it's Sci Fi Friday! And then they're burning off the remaining Arrested Development episodes on Fox. I think the secondary VCR will tape Arrested Development, and then I'll catch up on the opening ceremonies during commercial breaks on Sci Fi. The ceremonies spill over a half hour after Battlestar Galactica ends, so I'll get to see the lighting of the torch, and you know if anything major or touching happens during the ceremonies, they'll be showing it over and over and over again during the next few weeks. Maybe I'll recognize the occasion by wearing my official Team USA 2002 beret that my friend who lives outside Salt Lake City got me after the last Winter Olympics when they were on clearance (yes, the same ones that were going for a fortune on eBay during the games could be bought for $5 afterward). It's actually cold enough today to wear something like that.

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