Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chocolate Quests and Sexy Beasts

The stores must have done a better job planning their inventory this year because I almost struck out on my post-Valentine's chocolate quest. The grocery store didn't have anything I wanted, and then Target's clearance shelves were rather sad. Most of what they had were those conversation hearts and pink, heart-shaped versions of Marshmallow Peeps. They did have some of their fancy store-brand chocolates (the ones with the annoying ads), but that wasn't what I wanted. I did get a candy-filled mug, mostly to get the mug. The design on it looked like artwork from a 1940s-1950s ad, showing two women who looked like they might have been exchanging the secrets to their favorite cleansing products, but the caption said, "I say you DITCH him!" It's not entirely relevant to my life (as I described yesterday), but I thought it was funny. The strawberry licorice twists were a bonus. But I really, really wanted chocolate, and as my Dove dark supply was dwindling, I was almost desperate enough to just buy a regular bag at full price. I went to the regular candy section, and there I found one bag of dark Dove hearts buried in the rest of the chocolate, and then it rang up at half-off. Score!

It was probably for the best that I didn't find more than that because when I was getting dressed to go shopping, I could barely zip my jeans. Actually, candy really isn't my problem. I can eat one or two pieces and be okay. What I had to do (and did) was avoid buying the Cheeze-Its that were on sale. I can eat a whole box of those before I know what I'm doing. I also feel more motivated to exercise now. I guess I've been living in sweats for too long.

In other news, I did decide to attend the Romantic Times conference this May, so if you're going to be there, be sure to say hi!

But enough about me. I have another Out of the Blogosphere entry today. My guest is PC Cast, author of Goddess of the Rose, a magical, sensuous retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with a modern slant. When the enchanted, beastly guardian of the Realm of the Rose kidnaps a modern woman with a knack for growing roses (thanks to a bloodline she wasn't aware of) to break the curse on the Realm, he doesn't quite get what he expected.

So, the interview:

Where did you get the idea for the "alternate reality" where your book is set?
I took all of the Beauty and the Beast fairytales I've read throughout my life, mixed them up, and added a healthy dose of PC World!

Would you actually want to live in that world?

If you did live in that world, what role would you want to play (or what role do you think you'd play)?
I'd have to be High Priestess of Hecate and immortal lover of the Beast. Hell, I created him, so why not?

Which is your favorite Star Trek captain?
This is shallow and immature, but I'll always love James T. Kirk.

For more info, visit PC's web site.

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