Sunday, February 19, 2006


I was sort of iced in again this morning. I set my alarm to get up for church, then turned on the TV when I woke up, only to see all the reports of bad ice patches and serious wrecks on the roads I'd have to take to get to church, along with weather forecasts of continuing freezing rain. So I got back in bed, turned the electric blanket up to high and went back to sleep. When I went out later to get my newspaper, I saw that my driveway was iced over. Now, though, cars are going up and down the main road at their usual speeds. I think it was worst on the freeways, and that's where I'd have had to drive. I did learn that there were a lot of wrecks on the road I'd have had to take to the meeting that was cancelled yesterday, so I guess it was a good thing I didn't have to decide on whether or not to go based on conditions here. I did go out to dinner last night, and the roads were fine, but it was starting to drizzle just as I got home, and drizzle at 27 degrees can be a bad thing on the roads.

I've got a chicken stewing on the stove to make chicken and dumplings tonight, and I'm planning to make tea and spend the afternoon on book revisions.

Yes, I am Miss Excitement. But hey, I did go out to dinner last night! With people, even!

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