Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pain in the Neck

Well, I did get my half hour of exercise yesterday, but that may have been my only accomplishment. The pain in the neck has gone from being merely "a pain in the neck" to being a real hindrance. I managed to read the parts I've already written of book 3 yesterday, but actual creativity was more of a challenge. I learned last night that it may not be just my bad computer posture that led to the problem. It seems that my favorite sleeping position is also the most painful, so every time I managed to fall asleep, I'd automatically roll into that position and then be immediately awakened by the pain. So maybe I need to train myself out of that sleeping position, if it's what's giving me knots in my neck and shoulder muscles. I think now I shall walk to the drugstore (driving is kind of a problem when you can't turn your head) and pick up some kind of muscle rub stuff.

There's also the possibility that this is somewhat psychosomatic, like my subconscious is afraid of working on this book and is conspiring with my body to keep that from happening. I plan to thwart it, however, by making myself write when I get home from the drugstore, no matter how much I hurt (and no matter how much I smell like menthol). So, there!

In other news, I learned today that Enchanted, Inc. will be published in Korea. And I got my first review on the Dutch edition. Fortunately, the Dutch publisher translated it for me. It was a nice review, mentioning that thing about not being able to stop reading once you start. It's good to learn that is relatively universal, regardless of the language.

Would it be bad if I sit in the Walgreen's parking lot and rub the icy hot stuff on myself right then and there?

This is when I really need that cabana boy/personal assistant/tax accountant/masseuse I keep thinking of adding to my staff.

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