Monday, November 14, 2005

Diligence and Determination

After being the worst kind of slacker last week, I am determined that this week will be different. I have events for the next few chapters outlined, so I don't have the "I don't know what happens next" excuse. I have a schedule set up. I even have a rewards system in place.

And, as usual, when I start getting one part of my life in order, other things also fall into place. I was pretty good about the exercise last week, and I hope to keep that up. Over the weekend, I also started getting on the housekeeping.

My main problem is that I tend to be very all-or-nothing about way too many things. If I'm working on a book, then that's all I do, even if I'm not really doing all that much. I hesitate to start cleaning the house unless I have time to clean the whole house thoroughly. Often, my attempts at cleaning house end up with the house even messier than before because I've taken stuff out to sort through and "organize" and then I lose interest midway through, so in addition to the usual clutter, I have all the stuff I was supposedly organizing. That explains the condition of my office. I'm dealing with the remnants of too many cleaning false-starts.

Now I'm trying to set small goals, just one little corner of the house that I will get in shape before I move on. I figure that five minutes here and there will eventually add up.

As for the writing, I went to bed freakishly early (for me) last night, which meant I got up relatively early (for me) this morning, so I have a bit of a jump start on the day. I've already done my usual goofing off stuff, so now there's nothing more for me to do but write. Well, other than go to the grocery store.

We'll see how long this lasts. Maybe if I'm public about my goals, I can get people to hold me accountable (Mom, this is not directed at you. I've already received that message, loud and clear.).

In other news, we may be getting fall weather later this week! I keep thinking that people are really rushing all the Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff (I got my first Christmas party invitation over the weekend), but then I look at the calendar and see that Thanksgiving is next week. It just doesn't feel like it when it's hot and sunny outside. Even in Texas, I should be wearing sweaters at this time of the year, not shorts and sleeveless tops. That makes it very hard to write a book set around Christmastime.

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