Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back to the Presses!

I'm utterly delighted to announce that I got news this morning that Enchanted, Inc. is going to a second printing. Yay!!!!

You know what that means? Those first editions you own have suddenly become slightly more valuable, and this may be your last chance to go out and get a first edition before they all sell out and are replaced by the second editions. Then again, there will be fewer of the second edition than of the first, so maybe that makes the second edition rarer and more valuable. I'm not sure how all that works as I don't collect much of anything, especially not based on its potential future value.

There may be one small change between editions. The second editions will likely have the author photo included on the "about the author" page (since it was left off from the first editions due to a "production oversight").

Of course, this also means there are that many more books out there I need to get sold. Thanks to all of you who have been so great about buying the book, buying the book as a gift, telling people about the book, harassing booksellers about carrying the book, and all that. So, think we can get a few thousand more sold?

I'm hoping this will be good motivation to spur me to working today. I wasn't nearly as efficient as I hoped I'd be yesterday. I had a deadline on another project, and wouldn't you know, just before I got that done, I had a brainstorm about a better way to approach that project, which required research and rewriting at the last minute, but I did get it done. Unfortunately, that left me somewhat drained and not really up to getting other work done. I managed to develop a kink in the muscles that go from my shoulder to my neck on the right side, probably from very bad posture habits when I'm reading at the computer, and I still can't seem to shake it, in spite of a heating pad, hot shower, yoga and a night of sleep. So I managed to re-read the synopsis of book three last night but couldn't sit at the computer anymore before I could get into reading those first chapters.

I came close to getting my half hour of exercise while trying to work out that kink in my neck, but I did no housework. This afternoon I have a bunch of errands to run, including a big post office excursion. Then maybe I'll actually get some writing done.


chanemza said...

I love your name! It's interesting how many of us with this name are writers.

- Shanna

Shanna Swendson said...

Cool! Another Shanna!

When I was a kid, I never knew anyone else with my name, but I'm meeting more and more others.