Thursday, April 27, 2017

Side Stories

One more kindergarten choir session to go! They weren’t too bad last night, but I had additional adult help. I think they’d have been completely out of control without that, since the extra help was a family member who had family authority over a couple of the biggest problems. I got confident enough to get out the Boomwhackers — plastic tubes that are cut to certain length so that they’re tuned to play notes. They function kind of like playing handbells, with each tube playing a single note. We managed to get something that sounds almost kind of like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Victory!

Today is going to be a heavy-duty writing day. I ended up doing all my errands yesterday. I’d thought I’d be getting a haircut today, but when I went to the online scheduler (one reason I love this salon — I can make an appointment without a phone call), there was an appointment available yesterday afternoon, so I went and took care of it all yesterday. That means today I get to do nothing but write. It may even be a patio writing day.

My plan is to do some shorter pieces in the Enchanted, Inc. universe, like that Sam short story, but longer. I’m aiming for the 20,000-word range. These will focus on or be from the perspective of secondary characters, so it’s sort of the “lower decks” of that universe. What’s going on while Katie and Owen are busy elsewhere?

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Carradee said...

Oh, that'll be fun. ^_^