Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holding off the Holidays

It really feels like fall today. I need to do some walking errands, and then there may be some baking because I have other baking that needs to be done tomorrow. And then the weekend is already making me twitch because I'll be going from one event straight to another. There's something I was thinking of doing Sunday afternoon, but I suspect I will be retreating to the cave by then.

And what's really scary is that my weekends are fairly full from now until Thanksgiving. Then there's the weekend in December in which I have something scheduled Friday night, Saturday lunchtime, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night. I imagine I won't be very productive that Monday. I might end up skipping the Saturday afternoon event.

While I'm reveling in fall, Christmas is encroaching. We're working on Christmas and Advent music in choir, and the neighborhood has already put up the holiday decorations -- switching to the seasonal banners and putting the lighted garlands on the bridges. A lot of people in the neighborhood had lights up for Diwali this week, and while I know that they're not Christmas lights, part of me reacts to them that way. A lot of stores are already going full-on Christmas. At least Kroger didn't seem to be going overboard yet. Yeah, they've got the holiday items out, but Thanksgiving is a big grocery store holiday, so I guess they don't want to jump the gun.

It doesn't help that Hallmark is already on Christmas movies just about 24/7. My DVR may fill up with the ones I think sound interesting but that I refuse to watch until after Thanksgiving. I need to take another look at that one I wrote a couple of years ago and then maybe talk to my agent about what to do with it -- whether I can see if the film agent who represents my books might be able to help sell it as a screenplay or whether I should turn it into a novel.

But for now, it's fall. Colored leaves. Apples and cinnamon (I'm not a huge fan of "pumpkin spice" flavored stuff). Hot tea. Walks in the woods.

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