Monday, February 21, 2011

Showing Off

I'm now in post-con recovery phase, which doesn't feel that different from pre-con spacey phase. At least the vivid dream that I woke from this morning was less realistic. There's not much chance of mistaking a dream about surviving a nuclear war by hiding out in a shopping mall for a real memory.

I believe I demonstrated all of my major talents except dance at the convention this weekend. I did a reading, which demonstrates my writing ability, and there was a small bit of singing involved in my reading, plus I do a bit of acting when I read from my work. I contributed chocolate chip cookies to the con suite for my club's sponsored hour, so I showed off my cooking skills. I did a little babysitting, showing that I am good with kids (though having a baby in my lap during a booksigning didn't draw as many people as I thought it might. Next time I think I need a puppy). And I think my sense of humor came out in panels. I should have done a pirouette in the lobby and I'd have covered everything. Maybe I should find a way to work interpretive dance into a reading. Or I could do the excerpt where there's dancing and then act it out, if I can find an audience volunteer who can waltz.

And there was the usual hanging out with friends, plus in a moment of weakness I agreed to an official role with FenCon. The PR beast is being reawakened. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Ooh, this could fit nicely into the ongoing plan for world domination.)

I seemed to get a very positive response from my reading, which was from the book currently on submission. Now, if only that will start some Internet buzz in which people mention how much they want the rest of this story, so that the publishers see it and think they have a potential hit on their hands if there's already buzz before the book is bought. Go forth and buzz, any audience members. Just be sure to spell my name right so it will show up in Google searches.

Now I need to try to get back to "normal" and back to work. I got pretty far behind last week and need to catch up. If I can wake up.

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