Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warning: This Post Was Written with Book Brain

I'm really close to finishing this book proposal. I just have about 60 pages to read out loud for proofreading, and then I need to review the synopses. I was going to town rewriting the synopsis for the second book and incorporating all my fun story ideas for it, and then I remembered that my agent said one page would be enough. At the time, I had five pages. It's down to two, and I may trim it further. At this stage of the process, vague is actually kind of good because details give them something to quibble over. I may even try writing it as though it's back-cover copy. I'm determined to get all this done today and sent either today or tomorrow morning because tomorrow is Harry Potter day, and although I'm planning to see the movie with my friends on Saturday, there's not much point in working at home for yourself if you can't play hooky from work on opening day to see an early showing. Besides, I'd like to see it once on my own to actually watch the movie before I see it as a social experience with friends.

So, that means book proposal has to go before I go. Then in addition to seeing the movie, I have a book that I need to finish reading by Saturday because it's due back at the library, and since I got it from the "new releases" shelf I may not be able to renew it. I also have a lot of TV to catch up on. I taped Monday's House, but I may not bother with it because the new character infuriates me. Seriously, they hired a third-year medical student for a fellowship? I will not go into med school mode to explain in detail why that's preposterous, but honestly, Hollywood writers, "smart" doesn't trump everything in medicine. It's more about skill and experience, so stop it with these "super genius" characters who haven't had time to develop any skills or experience (and which seem to mostly be an excuse to hire ridiculously young actresses, since, apparently, women actually old enough to be in that position in the real world would be icky because they'd have to be over 30). Ahem. I'm planning to catch up on Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: LA OnDemand, maybe over the weekend. I'm less and less enthusiastic about the latter because I'm afraid they aren't going to see the error of their ways, and I'm resigned to feeling like the fun, quirky show I liked was cancelled after one season and replaced by a generic, paint-by-numbers cop show. Even when I actually like a show at the top of the ratings, I can't seem to win and they find a way to "cancel" it.

But I think the book reading and movie viewing have to come before TV viewing on the priority list. Meanwhile, I just thought my body was complaining yesterday. The full pain from the jazz class kicked in last night, about the time I was sitting on the floor in the children's choir room with a kindergardener in my lap (the little girls compete to see who gets to sit with the teenagers, and the loser gets me). For a moment, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get up again. Today I'm moving like a less-graceful Frankenstein monster. When I finish the book proposal, I may reward myself with a nice, hot bubble bath. Then I might be able to move tomorrow.

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