Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blaming the Sign

Last night, the sign across the street tried to tell me to make brownies. I made some over the weekend, but they were for sharing, and they were all gone, and the sign seemed to think I deserved some of my own. But a combination of cooking laziness and work diligence won.

That sign may prove to be a better excuse/scapegoat than Stan the ghost. Between the two of them, I may never have to take responsibility for anything ever again. Either Stan did it or the sign told me to do it.

I had another very late start to the day, but I earned this one because I was working until around midnight last night. I think I'm done with most of the revisions to the first hundred pages of the book. I completely rewrote a pivotal scene last night, and now I think I need to re-read it to make sure it still makes sense. Considering the state I was in while I was working on it, I might also need to make sure it's actually in English. Now I just need to write a synopsis, now that I have a better idea of what the plot actually is, along with outlines for the next two books in the series. Normally, I know the character arcs but am fuzzy on the specific plot details. This time, I know the major plot details but am fuzzy on the character arcs because I have to get to those plot events to know how they'll affect the characters. There's also a potential romantic triangle brewing, and I'm not entirely sure which team I'm on in the long term. I'm currently leaning one way, but that could change if the other guy does something to surprise or impress me.

In other news, I think I want to steampunk my Christmas tree. It's already fairly Victorian, so I'd just need to add a few touches to take it into the steampunk realm. Now I need to find sources for those touches. And the time to do something about it. But I should be shipping this proposal off this week, and that will give me breathing room.

It will be another late night tonight because I think I'm going to take jazz tonight, and then Craig Ferguson is doing a Doctor Who episode on the Late, Late Show (or whatever they're calling it now) with Matt Smith and Daleks. Matt Smith appears to be almost as odd as the Doctor, so that could be highly entertaining.

Uh oh, the sign just told me I had to get to work (actually, I think it was just something about a town hall meeting, but without my glasses on and without the binoculars, I can decide it says whatever I want it to say).


Chicory said...

Ooh, a steampunk Christmas tree. That's brilliant.

Angie said...

I hope you'll post a picture of your steampunk Christmas tree!