Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey, It's Thursday

The bad thing about these delightfully cool mornings is that it makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed. I wake up at the usual time, but then I'm so comfortable that I want to stay where I am and enjoy it. I suppose there's no reason I have to get up. I just feel lazy for lying around like that.

I need to do some brainstorming/outlining today as well as some writing, but I think I feel a shopping excursion coming on. I have a trip in a few weeks that will require at least one business-type outfit, most of my fall wardrobe focuses on the color black, and due to long-term wear on most of my black shoes, my current most comfortable pair of black shoes is 3-inch stilettos. I haven't been able to find decent, comfortable flats, so maybe I'll look for something low-heeled or wedge-heeled that I can walk in.

Actually, I might need to shop for other stuff while I'm at it, as I'm meeting with my agent, and I can't think of many of my fall/winter good outfits that she hasn't seen me in. Considering I haven't seen her in two years and I generally see her once or twice a year, at most, and half of those times are in the summer, that doesn't say much for my wardrobe. And yet my closet is totally packed. I suppose that means it's time for a purge.

Updating the fall television scorecard:
The new Hawaii Five-O is turning out to be surprisingly boring. I may give it one more episode before it gets relegated to "if I'm bored, I'll watch it OnDemand" status. The characters just aren't clicking for me, aside from Danno. Although I like the other actors, their characters aren't grabbing me.
House is teetering on the brink. I'm hoping once they deal with the relationship stuff they might go back to the medical mysteries.
Chuck is turning out to be very fun this season. I hope the Old Spice Guy sticks around in the Buy More alongside the old staff.
I remain baffled by the changes in NCIS: Los Angeles. It was at the top of the ratings and only one year old, so why mix up the cast? The new guy is totally Poochie from that Simpsons episode where the committee of network executives created a new hip, edgy character to bring in their chosen demographic on the Itchy and Scratchy Show. It's not a good sign when you're cheering for the bad guys to shoot one of the good guys. It's an even worse sign when you get the feeling the other good guys are cheering for the same thing and might even do it themselves. And it's a still worse sign when it would improve my estimation of any character who did shoot this guy, just because it would shut him up. He's irritating enough that he may trigger my remote control finger. Fortunately, I have to watch this OnDemand or on tape due to ballet class, so fast forward remains an option.
I watched the Undercovers pilot, and it looks like it will be good Saturday-night or Sunday-afternoon viewing. I like the characters, though I must admit I didn't pay much attention to the plot. I like seeing a married couple on a show, so it can get romantic without going for the "I hate you but I'm hot for you" thing.
This week, Human Target starts up again, completing my Friday-night viewing, along with Supernatural and, for two more weeks, Haven. Supernatural was rather boring last week. I'm still loving Haven because they keep doing things that go against the usual TV tropes and surprise me. They started with what seemed like stock characters, but then they've gone in unexpected directions with those characters. And there's a new Phineas and Ferb this week, which I will have to tape for post-Haven viewing.
The first show canceled this season, Lone Star, is filmed practically in my neighborhood, just down the street (that's where the studios are, but I'm sure they also used some other locations in the area). That still didn't make me want to watch it. There are several shows being filmed around here right now. Maybe I should look into extra work. I could be part of a crowd.

And that's all I've got for today. I think I'll go take a walk, then take a shower and hit the stores, then do my work tonight as there's not much on TV other than The Office and Life on Mars on PBS. Tomorrow I'm hoping for a serious work day, after a morning excursion to the library.

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