Friday, June 11, 2010

Consulting the Subconscious

It's another late day because I had physical therapy this morning. I left early because I was trying to run an errand, then realized that I wasn't totally clear on which thing I needed (silly me, I only wrote down the size, but didn't know there were more specifics I needed to check), then I went grocery shopping afterward, and then it was lunchtime, and then I got distracted.

I believe I am winning the war with the sinuses. I discovered a flaw with the Curry Plan, namely that getting curry would require leaving the house and dealing with people, two things not high on my list of fun. Instead, I made sinus-blasting and phytochemical-rich Italian food. I chopped up an onion (from my dad's garden) and a couple of large cloves of garlic and sauteed that with at least a teaspoon and probably more crushed red pepper, then added a can of tomatoes and tossed it all with angel hair pasta. I may have overdone it with the red pepper a wee bit, as I had to drink an entire glass of ice water while eating it and then another after eating it, but after chopping the onion, hovering over the onion and garlic while it was cooking and then eating it, my sinuses were pretty well cleared out. I even slept last night without Benadryl. I'll probably eat the leftovers tonight.

I think, though, there will be napping this afternoon. I'm still waking up ridiculously early, in spite of going to bed pretty late and waking up a few times during the night. After the workout I get in therapy and with the Battle of the Sinuses, I think my body is tired. My subconscious seems to need some play time, as well. I chopped part of the scene I was working on yesterday, with plans to move it to another point, and I haven't settled on where to move it yet. There's also another scene I think I want to add, but it's still at the "It would be interesting for that to happen" stage. I'm not sure yet it's really necessary to the plot.

My posting may be erratic next week, as I have Vacation Bible School every morning and therapy right after that on some days.

And now I think it is time for some serious subconscious consultation (aka napping).

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