Monday, May 10, 2010

A Proper Weekend

I had a lovely weekend, the kind of weekend that gives the term "weekend" a good name. First, on Friday I spent a relaxing evening watching Friday Night Lights and then the recent two-part Doctor Who episodes (the first part of which just showed on BBCAmerica this weekend -- I have sources for getting them early since I don't have BBCAmerica). There was at least one nightmare generated by those episodes. Then Saturday I went to Scarborough Faire, our local Renaissance festival. It was the perfect day for it, sunny, but not too hot. I hadn't been in about ten years, and they actually had some new shows, which were a lot of fun. My friends and I got into a really long improv bit with one of the characters, which was highly entertaining. I still love the birds of prey show, since I'm fascinated with falconry (and then on PBS Sunday night there was a Nature episode about raptors). The joust has become utterly lame, mostly pro wrestling style shtick instead of anything resembling jousting. I didn't do much browsing of the shops, but I did get a nice hair stick, something small enough that it doesn't stick out and threaten to poke someone's eye out, and it's the same color as my hair. It stays in pretty well, too. Earlier today I did a series of pique turns across my living room and my hair stayed up, so I may even be able to use it for ballet instead of sending hairpins flying across the room when I turn. Then there was hanging out with friends, seeing a friend's new baby, having my hair played with by my four-year-old Mini Me (some friends have a child who looks like she could be my daughter -- it's rather disconcerting), and a long drive home to appropriate music.

Sunday I was home by 9:30 since I sang for the early service. I got my first Mother's Day flower at church. Our pastor recognized all women in the congregation because all of us are mentors or examples to all kids in the church, and they had the kids in the service pass out flowers to all the adult women, with the youth choir passing out flowers to the women in the adult choir. I think my mom-like influence there is mostly the issuing of the Glare of Death when they start talking during the service. It was a cool and rainy day, which was perfect because earlier in the week I'd started reading a book that I thought needed a cool, rainy day. It was a shame to waste it on a hot, sunny day that would have ruined the mood. Sunday was just right, so I made a pot of tea and settled in to read with the appropriate atmosphere. As much as I read, it's not often that I allow myself to just devote an entire day to reading, with no TV on or any other background noise, just me and the book.

Now I have a few patches of sunburn from Saturday -- just my nose, one patch on my forehead and the backs of my hands -- in spite of coating my whole body with SPF 55. But I still feel fairly rested and relaxed. I'm allowed to go back to thinking about the book today, in the context of using it as my working example as I go through some writing course material.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! And a neat Renaissance festival. Glad you had fun.