Friday, May 07, 2010

In My Dreams

In the "more fun with my subconscious" category, I had an incredibly vivid dream last night about going to see the movie version of Enchanted, Inc. I was at an afternoon matinee at my neighborhood theater, and the theater was a little more full than it usually is for the early show of most movies (aside from opening day for summer Harry Potter releases, and that kind of thing). Strangely, in the dream I was both myself, watching in the theater, and occasionally inside Katie's head within the story, and it was almost like I was possessing Katie, because I could control her based on my own reactions. The story in the movie had something to do with Katie being accused of murder for having hit someone with a shovel, and it was related to magic somehow, but she couldn't use that as her defense, so her roommates busted her out and she went on the run with them. The me watching the movie in the theater was pleased that the movie was following the book so closely. I thought that Katie and the roommates were really well-cast, though Katie seemed to be like a modern-day, corporate Kaylee from Firefly because she had a mini teddy bear pinned to her waistband. I was really nervous to see what Owen would be like. Finally, a guy very, very roughly fitting Owen's description but still all wrong showed up and started putting his arm around Katie, like he was comforting her about the whole murder accusation thing, but in an oily way, and the me possessing Katie kept shoving him away while still shaking violently in horror that they had done this to my character. Then I found out that this guy was supposed to be Rod. The me watching the movie was thinking about how I would blog about what I thought about it.

When I snapped out of the dream, it took me a while to realize it wasn't real. I had to talk myself through the logical proof that it wasn't real. For one thing, the first time I see the movie, if it gets made, probably won't be the early show at my neighborhood theater. It's in the contract that the studio will fly me to the New York or LA premiere. For another thing, that is soooo not the plot of the book, and I don't see how even an insane screenwriter would get that plot out of that book (though it might be something interesting to explore in the magic vs. the real world concept). And finally, Rod really isn't a seducer. He just generates the charm and lets the women come to him. However, I think that part of the dream was drawing on something that actually happened to me with a guy who was Doing It Wrong, and the guy in my dream even looked like that guy.

It would be lovely if my subconscious was picking up on some vibrations in the ether and having that vivid a dream about the Enchanted, Inc. movie is actually a sign that someone out in Hollywood is currently making a decision about it. I'll admit that I've checked e-mail a little more diligently today, and I jump and my heart starts pounding when the phone rings. Unfortunately, there's a local election tomorrow, so my phone is ringing like crazy with campaign calls.

Tonight, Friday Night Lights is back for those of us without DirecTV. The ads make me weepy. A review in the newspaper made me weepy. It's a good thing I bought a new box of tissues. I need a restful Friday night in because this could be another busy weekend for me. A group of my friends is going to the Renaissance festival Saturday, and it should be perfect weather for it, but I'm kind of wavering on committing because that makes for such a long day and it's a fairly long drive. I haven't been in about ten years, and I do have fun when I go. I think I'm just rebelling against the sense of feeling "scheduled." I also have to sing for the early service at church Sunday, so that's two early mornings in a row, but it does mean I'll have most of Sunday free. I may go to the grocery store that sells discount advance tickets and buy one to force myself to commit so I can't roll over Saturday morning and change my mind. I've offered rides to a couple of people, so if they take me up on it, that would also force me to commit. I think I need to import some of my Renaissance music into iTunes and make a CD for the drive.

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Anonymous said...

That's really hilarious about your dream. I like how it wasn't even really the plot of your book, but some totally crazy plotline instead. I have dreams like that, sometimes, on the rare occasion that I remember them!

I don't watch Friday Night Lights, but I'm happy for you that it's back! I waited weeks for my favorite show, NCIS, to come back. :) Of course, we have cable at the moment, which means that sometimes I wish the TV would go *off* so that I could concentrate on writing (my husband is a big fan of the Discovery Channel and home renovation shows).