Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now the Week Begins

First, if you haven't yet voted for my friend Jimmy in the March Baldness competition, they changed the link, so I think this one should be working now (I just checked it). Come on, Army of Minions, vote Jimmy in Arlington! (And, gee, if I can't get people to click on an Internet link, how can the publishers think I can get people to buy books?)

I was feeling down on myself for not getting much work done yesterday, but then I remembered that I'd worked all weekend, and it was all very intense thinking. I took nearly 40 pages of notes. I needed a break! I did manage to get my medical writing done (funny, but the medical writing is easier on my brain than writing fiction) and did some brainstorming, but trying to write made my head hurt. I think I've got it figured out to go forward today, so maybe I'll catch up.

I'm more in love with my characters now, which is kind of a good thing (kind of bad in that it will hurt me to hurt them, and I do need to make bad things happen to them). I just want to give them all hugs and tell them that everything really will work out okay.

The pantry clean-out may have to stop temporarily. I'm still finding ways to use linguini, since I love pasta, but I don't think I can face another dried bean for a while. I tried making Tuscan style beans, cooking them with olive oil, sage and garlic, but even after twice the recommended cooking time, they still weren't done. I thought maybe the beans were old, but it was still long before the expiration date on the package. Maybe after they're reheated they'll be softer. I'm starting to think they make better ammunition than food. Perhaps my stockpile wasn't so much for survival in terms of a food supply, but for ammunition in case of zombie attack. A straw or rubber band, and I'm in business.

And now I may do something really wild and crazy: work before noon!

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