Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Free Writing E-Book!

I didn't get to that writing binge yesterday because it rather suddenly cleared up, and as the weatherman on the noon news said that was likely to be the "balmy" day of the week, I headed out to get groceries and do some other shopping-type errands. Of course, I realized after I got home that even though I got everything on my list, I'd left some things off my list, so maybe I'll make another trip on my way to choir rehearsal tonight. With that trip, I should be able to finish my Christmas shopping.

And they were right about yesterday being relatively "balmy." The last time I checked, it was 28 degrees. And it's rather windy. Guess who really needs to go to the bank and post office, which is a walking errand? I think I'll wait until it at least gets above freezing.

I also didn't do any decorating, other than hanging a wreath on the front door. I've decided Thursday is my holiday decorating day.

Now, for that project I've been working on the past few days ...

This will be the last "writing post" of the year, and instead of writing a post, I've put together a PDF e-book of all the writing posts since I started doing this, back in the fall of 2007. The posts have been edited for context and formatting, and I've tried to organize them by topic. While I normally gripe about unauthorized distribution of my novels (those free PDF downloads of my novels aren't legal and are stealing from me -- and possibly keeping there from being more books in my series, if people are stealing the books instead of buying them), this one is free to download, and you're welcome to share it freely, just as long as it stays in this form in this document. I don't want to see anything from the content popping up online. If you want me to do an article or guest blog based on one of these articles, please ask.

You can find this book at:

I'll get back to doing the writing posts after the holidays, sometime in January (I may have some stuff going on earlier in the month, so it may be mid-January). In the meantime, I'm always looking for questions or topics to address, so if there's something you want to know about the writing life, the craft of writing or the publishing business, let me know.

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