Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thinking Days

Weird weather today. It actually got warmer during the night. When I went to bed, it was cold and misty, and when I got up, it was warm and muggy. We're supposed to get big storms today, then it will be cold again tomorrow. We seem to have skipped the transition between summer and fall that we usually get. I usually have a few weeks when I can turn off the air conditioner but still keep windows open and use the ceiling fans, but this year I seem to have gone straight from AC to keeping windows shut and using the big comforter on the bed at night.

I think I've discovered my working pattern on this book. I seem to alternate high-productivity days with thinking days. Yesterday was a thinking day. The big Ballet Class Epiphany turns out to have affected the very foundations of the story and the main character. I don't think it much changes most of what I've already written, but the last two scenes I wrote need to change significantly, and it took a lot of thinking yesterday before I got an inkling of how. Oh, man, will this little tidbit take everything up a notch.

Theoretically, this will be a high-productivity day. I do have to go to the bank, but now that my bank has taken over the bank in front of the post office, I can walk for that and it also counts as my exercise for the day. Otherwise, no classes, rehearsals or freelance projects due, and it should get rainy, so I should be able to write.

TV update:
Tonight's the big Office wedding. I may be in the minority on this, but I don't think that Jim and Pam getting together was any kind of mistake because they weren't a typical TV will they/won't they couple. Their relationship was never based on conflict. They were the only two sane people in a crazy world and gravitated together, and the conflict keeping them apart for the first few seasons involved them dealing with their individual issues. Once they did get together, their relationship didn't really change. I guess there wasn't the angst and longing, but for the most part, they were the same, so it didn't lose a lot of energy or change things. It's nice to see a TV couple you could actually imagine working in real life instead of the dysfunctional, borderline-abusive relationships that pass for "romantic chemistry" on TV.

I finally watched last week's FlashForward, and I'm still on the fence. I don't think it's necessarily anything wrong with the series. The problem is more with me. It's something I'd normally like but which isn't the kind of series I can connect with right now. When I have Book Brain, I can't deal with that kind of complexity in something I haven't already connected with. I can't fall in love with something new when I'm in the process of falling in love with a new story in my head.

However, House seems to have at least temporarily lured me back in. I remembered why I used to like that show this week when they reunited the old team. I'm intrigued by what they've now kicked off, but I worry that it's too big for a show like this to really deal with. Still, you have to wonder what these people were thinking in sidelining an actor who could hold his own against James Earl Jones in favor of a vacant-eyed mannequin.

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