Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Imaginary Conversations

I think I'm on a roll now. Not only did I write more than 4,000 words yesterday, but the book is really invading my brain. I've caught myself daydreaming and even dreaming random conversations between various characters -- what would probably be "doing laundry" scenes if I tried to put them in the book, but that tell me a lot about these people. Having this kind of insight into them when they're not saving the world makes them more fleshed out and vivid when they are. This morning I got a really late start because I lay there for more than an hour after I woke up, doing this kind of daydreaming, but that should probably count as work because one of the details that came up in one of the imaginary conversations turned out to solve a major plot problem I'd been wrestling with.

Then there's a fun little thing that's come up with my dance class. One of my characters is a dancer, and I'm finding that I'm doing better in ballet class when I channel this character. At the same time, the class is frustrating because I've spent the day in the head of this person who really can dance, imagining doing all this fantastic stuff, but then in class it's my body I'm having to work with, and I haven't devoted my whole life to this. However, on the way to class I came up with a really interesting twist that adds a new layer of emotion and motivation to the entire plot.

One of my characters is a singer, so I need to channel that for choir tonight. Maybe that's the route to overcoming the crippling musical stage fright.

And now I must run to the library because a reference I requested from the main library is ready for me to pick up at my branch.

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Carradee said...

Just be careful with the channeling thing. I know someone who actually injured herself doing that, pushing herself beyond what her body could handle because she was 'channeling' a gymnast character.

Isn't it fun when characters out and tell you what happens? I was working on a scene recently, and it wasn't working, but I kept at it until the narrator blurted out a line to the effect of how immature the entire situation was. Fun, yes, but immature.

I think that was the problem.