Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Pre-Con Post

Ack! So much to do in so little time today. I had a long to-do list yesterday but managed to get very little of it done, then overslept this morning, thanks to being wide-awake at about 3 a.m., when I thought I heard a prowler outside but then eventually realized that my neighbor was apparently working in her garden at that time (there were outside lights on over there, the sound of flowerpots being banged around, and coughing). I think she's mentioned having the occasional bout of insomnia, so I guess she deals with it by gardening instead of watching TV or reading.

So, anyway, I've been pruning today's to-do list to get the bare minimum done before I head over to FenCon.

I did manage to select and rehearse some bits from the someday maybe book 5 for a reading -- the opening and then another scene from later in the book. And I came up with some discussion questions for the panels I'm moderating. I also baked cookies for a room party, and although this wasn't on the to-do list, I re-sewed the elastics on my ballet slippers while I watched TV.

And along the way I keep mentally writing the book I'm working on. By the time Monday rolls around and I have time to sit down and write without interruptions or other things on the to-do list, (I may disconnect my telephones or turn off the ringers), it should flow pretty easily. Unfortunately, this means I'll be going through a convention with Book Brain, so it is entirely possible that in the middle of a panel I will end up staring into space while my characters suddenly decide to do something interesting. Life is fun when you have imaginary people living in your head.

Now I need to round up the stuff I need for the weekend (like the Wand of Moderation), iron some things, then take a shower and head to the convention.

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