Thursday, September 10, 2009

My FenCon Schedule

I think my summer of early waking is over. I'm back to my usual wake-up time, which now feels late. However, I'm spending the last half hour or so daydreaming about the book, so it's not like I'm being a lazy slug. Today, I figured out the logistics for the next scene I need to write. I do still need to do some brainstorming and world building to figure out part of the story. Since I have a convention next weekend, I'm not planning to try to delve into in-depth writing until afterward. Right now, I'm still feeling my way and figuring things out to set the stage and lay the groundwork.

Speaking of the convention, next weekend (the 18th-20th), I'll be at FenCon. Here's my schedule (as it currently stands):

Friday at 4, I'm moderating a panel on humor in science fiction/fantasy.

Then at 6 on Friday, Paul Cornell has roped me into participating in his version of the "Just a Minute" radio game show. I think I need to research this. Apparently, you have to talk for a minute on a given subject without repetition, hesitation or digression. Now, normally, in real life, that's not something that should be a problem for me (my mom said he was probably curious to see if they could hold me to a minute), but put me in front of an audience, give me rules and run a stopwatch, and I'll likely freeze up and get nervous and not be able to do it. As I am the only female on the panel, I will declare that I'm mostly there to be decorative. Maybe I'll wear a short skirt and distract my fellow panelists with the ballet-toned legs.

Saturday at 10 I'm moderating the "Talkin' 'bout my Regeneration" panel about what's up next for Doctor Who.

That's pretty much it for Saturday, so I can actually attend the con (ooh, what a concept). I may get wacky and act in the radio drama.

Then they're working me hard on Sunday. At 10, A. Lee Martinez and I will be talking about how to improve the Sci Fi (oops, SyFy) Channel. Regardless of topic, the two of us in a room together is bound to be comedy gold, and there will likely be at least one serious giggle fit.

At noon is the Trek vs. Who panel, which has some real heavy hitters on it. (I'm rather agnostic on the topic, as I love both.)

Then at 1 is a panel on "Suburban Fantasy," which I guess is about contemporary fantasy that isn't necessarily set in the big city.

And finally, at 2 on Sunday I'm moderating a panel on self-promotion and how not to be annoying about it.

I was planning to read the opening chapter of what would be book 5 if somebody wanted to publish it, but I didn't get scheduled for a reading slot. I'm starting to feel like there's some kind of cosmic block out there keeping this book from seeing the light of day in any way, shape or form. I also don't have an autographing scheduled, so I guess you can track me down in the hallway if you want me to sign something. I am trying not to feel paranoid and like a has-been about these two items and will not go into a "my career is over when I can't even get a reading or autographing at my home convention" tailspin about it. Mostly, it's a scheduling issue, and I'd really rather do panels than sit behind an autographing table. However, I was looking forward to sharing a peek at book 5. Oh well, there will likely be other conventions, if my career isn't really over and if people still want me to come.

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