Friday, May 15, 2009

Okay, So Maybe I Was Wrong

So, I went with my best buds to see Star Trek today, and I have to admit I really liked it. I still have a few reservations, but if I detach myself from what I know about Star Trek and just look at it as a space-adventure movie, I did enjoy it, and when I allowed myself to retain a bit of my inner geekiness without the nitpicky part, I thoroughly enjoyed all the in-jokes. The wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff wiped out most of the "Muppet Babies" issues, aside from Chekov, and messing with the timeline doesn't change the fact that, given the ages stated specifically in the original series, if Kirk is in his 20s, Chekov isn't on the Enterprise, not even as a 17-year-old whiz kid, but I loved the new take on Chekov enough that I'm willing to let that slide. I think my favorite character re-creation was Bones, who was pitch-perfect and who seemed to fit, time-wise. I'm glad I saw it with geeky friends, so we could enjoy the shout-outs together, and there was one extended mildly inappropriate giggle fit when a particular sequence struck us as something right out of Galaxy Quest. I liked that they kept a lot of the 60s series look without trying to make the ships too streamlined and modern. When the sequel comes out, I'll be there.

I guess I am capable of admitting when I'm wrong.

Since we went out to a late lunch after seeing the early show of the movie, and then I went grocery shopping on the way home, I guess I'm going to be inverting my workday today and working on Saturday, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and maybe by distracting my conscious brain for a while I've allowed my subconscious brain to come up with a brilliant solution to the problem that's eating me (I have two ways to go with a scene, and I can't figure out which way is funnier).

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