Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Stressed Ramblings

I got the wild and crazy idea yesterday to try to take care of as many of the to-do list items as possible so today wouldn't be quite as hectic. It may have worked, although the list kept growing, so I seem to have just as many items to do today as I did yesterday. However, those items would have been added anyway, leaving me that much more to do today. And most of those new items are last-minute, on-the-way-out-the-door items, like taking out the trash and locking the door. Most of the other things on the list for today are small tasks that will take maybe a minute or two to do. I did all the major, time-consuming things and the errands yesterday. I bet I still end up running later than I planned when it's time to leave, but I'm planning on taking the city bus to the airport, which means I have a firm schedule to keep. I'll have to take a cab or SuperShuttle back from the airport because there is no public transportation serving the airport on Sundays (yes, on the busiest travel day). That's still cheaper than parking and means my car, which still feels new, won't be left out at the airport. The last time I tried to take SuperShuttle home from the airport, I couldn't get any of the drivers to take me. I'd call the reservation number, they'd tell me which van to look for, then that van would pull up, they'd ask where I was going, and then they'd say that wasn't the right van. Since I live pretty much next to the airport, I'm on the way for almost all of their routes, and I guess they were hoping to hold out for a higher fare. So, this is their final chance. Stay tuned to see how this works out.

I'm behind in my reading for the year, so I'm looking forward to some quality reading time in transit. I'm bringing three books and will likely end up with a few more at the conference, so that should hold me. I think that's my favorite thing about airplanes: guilt-free reading, since it's not like there's anything else to do. I'd thought about bringing some writing stuff to work on, but I'm going to rebel and not worry about it.

Meanwhile, I'm even more bummed about probably having to wait for the Battlestar Galactica finale after seeing the special the Sci Fi Channel (soon to be "Syfy," or something to that effect, because they don't want to be associated with science fiction fans) ran last night. I've had my ups and downs with the show, and in a way I'm looking forward to it being over so I can ease off the chocolate on Friday nights and because I want to see how it ends, but it's also a little sad that this is it. I'm really going to miss jumping online right away after the episode to discuss it. By the time I see it, the discussion will have covered most of the bases.

On another weekend programming note, according to Entertainment Weekly, ION will be running the Colour of Magic miniseries, based on the first two Terry Pratchett Discworld books, on Sunday night. EW gave it a pretty negative review, but I'm not sure they got it, considering they tried making a comparison to The Lord of the Rings. My brain is not even capable of wrapping itself around any comparison between Discworld and LOTR, other than maybe some bits of satire and spoof, but I don't recall the Dwarfish drinking songs ("Gold! Gold! Gold!") being in those first two books. I guess I'll add to my VCR list and see for myself, but later, as it will have started by the time I get home, and I will, I hope, be watching Battlestar Galactica that evening.

And now to go finish doing laundry and dishes and all the other little things I have to take care of today.

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