Friday, January 16, 2009


I felt like I had the magic touch yesterday, or else my electric personality was showing. Everything I touched shocked me. I don't have that problem at home, but in the grocery store, if I take something off the shelf, I get a jolt. It's worse if I pick up a can or try to open the refrigerator case. Yesterday, I went through the store going "Ouch! Ouch!" Then my car got me, and I even managed to get a jolt from my car key. Some of those shocks were pretty severe, and my fingers were tingling up to the first knuckle. I felt like I could shoot lightning bolts out of my fingers.

We've got some pretty good TV coming up. Battlestar Galactica starts again tonight, for the final run of episodes. As much as I love that show, I'm kind of glad to see it coming to an end, mostly because they're doing it on their own terms because the story is coming to an end. That's something that happens very seldom on American television. Either the series isn't an instant hit and gets canceled before the story's told, or it is a hit and it gets stretched out long beyond its natural lifetime. I think this particular series would suffer if it got stretched out indefinitely, so it's good to see it coming to an end with the end of the story.

We also get Friday Night Lights back on network TV tonight. I've heard good things about this season from its satellite airing, but I'm not sure I'm in the mindset to get back into it.

Sunday night, Masterpiece Theatre is doing Wuthering Heights. I have to admit that I don't really get the appeal of that story. I don't see it as all that romantic, but I'll be interested in seeing how this adaptation works. I suspect I'll get inappropriate giggles because I'll be thinking of the Monty Python skit of Wuthering Heights in semaphore, with Healthcliff and Cathy waving flags around. After that, they're going on a Dickens binge, though some of those shows must be from the vault, since one of them is a very nice production of David Copperfield starring a wee little pre-Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe as the young David.

I've got yet another busy weekend ahead of me, so I hope it's a little warmer. Today looks like a good curl-up-with-a-book (either reading one or writing one) day.

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