Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve, and I guess I got too busy yesterday with the eating, lying around and reading to get around to posting. Not that I had much of anything to say.

My Anchorman is about to do his last newscast before he leaves me for the real world. I need to get my parents to set up an obstacle course so I can run frantically to get to the living room in time to watch it, in proper romantic comedy fashion. Because you have to end with a frantic mad dash before all is lost. I wonder if he'll get emotional or go into "what are you gonna do, fire me?" mode.

In other news, my parents have managed to thoroughly hook me on NCIS, thanks to a USA marathon yesterday. It's a good thing House is moving, I would likely have switched. I thought Mark Harmon was totally dreamy back in the 80s when I was a teenager, but I think he's even more appealing now. He's aged well.

The weather continues with the wild see-sawing. Monday it barely got above freezing. Tuesday morning we started with light freezing rain, but it ended up getting rather warm. Today is warm and sunny. I can't seem to adapt to all the changes. The nice thing about it being as gray as it was on Monday was that it made the Christmas lights in all the little towns I drive through really show up. And then there was the red PT Cruiser I passed that had antlers. Someone had put stuffed plush antlers on either side of the car (it looked like they were braced through the back windows), so from the front or behind, the car itself looked kind of like a reindeer head. It totally cracked me up. It has never occurred to me to decorate my car for Christmas.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone! (I'm not counting on posting tomorrow.)

I leave you with my favorite piece of Christmas music, "What Sweeter Music" by John Rutter (it's a YouTube video synching the sheet music to the Cambridge Singers recording).

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Shel said...

Ah, I have a friend to thank for hooking me on NCIS and I completely agree with you about Mark Harmon! There's a marathon on today too. I love USA!