Friday, October 03, 2008

Pre-Con Prep

I'm in flailing about mode as I try to keep track of everything I need to do to get ready for this convention. I'm staying at home and commuting, so I don't really have to pack, but I'll be coming home late at night and leaving again in the morning (though not terribly early), so I'm trying to get things for each day set out and ready to go now.

Yesterday I figured out what to wear (I think. Until I change my mind). That made me painfully aware of how desperately I need to clean out my closet. I even started to falsely accuse Stan the 80s Bachelor Airline Pilot Ghost of being Stan the 80s Bachelor Airline Pilot Cross-Dressing Ghost because Stan trying on my clothes was the only way to explain why I couldn't find things. And then I discovered that the missing items had all fallen prey to the Chair Of Doom. That's the spot in my bedroom where clothes are held prisoner, waiting to either be re-folded, re-hung or taken to the dry cleaners. When I need to refresh my wardrobe, I don't need to go shopping. I can just clear out the Chair of Doom and I'll suddenly have several new items I haven't seen in ages. In fact, I sometimes think that clothes either mate or mutate while piled on the Chair of Doom, because I keep finding things I don't remember owning.

It will probably be good for me to be away from the computer for a few days because somehow I've been sitting in a bad position (yes, I even manage to fail at sitting) and have developed a muscle knot in one shoulder from having it hunched up or tensed too much. Even stretching it out at ballet last night didn't help, and the teacher kept pointing out that every time I raised that arm, I was also hunching up the shoulder. Maybe having to sit like a normal person and not at the computer all day will help.

I need to set the VCR for TV stuff I'll miss, but I think I may be a bad science fiction fan and skip Sanctuary. There's just something about the promos that's putting me off, and it will be opposite Life. I don't want to add to the list of shows I have to tape every week. I figure that it's on the Sci Fi Channel, so if I hear from reliable sources that it's brilliant, they'll either repeat it frequently and do marathons, or it will be readily available online.

Now to go finish attempting to get my life together.

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