Monday, October 27, 2008

Killer Vampire Butterflies

I now have to really buckle down and work, as I got NOTHING done over the weekend. Most of that was because there was some renovation work going on next door, and that meant power tools, including using a power saw to cut metal, and there's something about that sound that gives me an instant killer headache of the sort that makes it painful to concentrate. And I also left the house. I went to see Rachel Caine's presentation on vampires at my neighborhood library. I did learn a lot about the background of the folklore, and I can see why vampires are scary and can make compelling villains, but I still don't get the sexy, alluring vampire trend. I had one of my notorious giggle fits when she mentioned that in addition to the vampire turning into a bat/sending his spirit out in bats, in some folklore it's butterflies. The monarchs have been migrating through here, so there have been a lot of butterflies, and the idea of evil, killer vampire butterflies totally cracked me up, especially when she followed up that fun fact with the fact that vampires are kind of OCD in a lot of lore, and apparently one way you could tell that a vampire had been in your house was if the furniture had been rearranged. So, yeah, vampire butterfly interior decorators=Shanna absolutely helpless with giggles. I may never be able to take a vampire seriously again.

Then I went to a Halloween party. My costume? I present the Generic Urban Fantasy Book Cover:

Some of my Firefly fan friends from the old days may recognize the Devil Bunny temporary tattoo being used for the obligatory urban fantasy heroine tramp stamp. (And yes, Mom, that was a temporary rub-on tattoo, so relax.) (And no, those of you who are Firefly fans but who weren't part of that particular group, the Devil Bunny doesn't actually have anything to do with Firefly. It was just an inside joke among certain people.)

But now lunch calls, and then I must get to work.

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