Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Day is It?

Friday I took advantage of having a flexible schedule and switched my Friday and Saturday so that I could do some Labor Day weekend stuff before most people with real jobs were off work, and thus I could avoid the crowds. I suspect that will really mess with my mind throughout the weekend, as I woke this morning thinking it was Sunday because Friday felt like Saturday. Now I'm going to be treating Saturday like Friday, which will really confuse me. I have some work I need to get done and ten more pages on the book, but I'm excited about those pages as I'll get to "meet" on paper (well, computer screen) a character who's been taking over my brain for a while. I also have motivation to get my work done without serious procrastination because when I'm done, I get to really start my relaxathon weekend. I have movies to watch, books to read and plenty of easy-to-fix food.

Now, off to work, and have a great weekend!

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