Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still Here

I am still here. I just haven't posted because I haven't had much to say beyond whining about still being so very weak and tired. When your own post bores you while you're writing it, it's probably best not to bother inflicting it on anyone else.

I finished watching the second season of Life on Mars, and will have to rewatch the finale when I'm more coherent because that was rather mindblowing. I now also see why everyone was so excited when John Simm showed up as the Master on Doctor Who. I couldn't see why anyone would like or sympathize with the Master, but now I see that he likely carried a lot of residual Sam love with him. Sam wasn't entirely sane, but he was very nice. I think I need to rewatch those Doctor Who episodes now. I've also heard they're planning a US version of Life on Mars, which kind of makes me cringe. That has the potential to be so very bad. Then again, I much prefer the US version of The Office, so it can be done right. I just can't imagine extending that premise for the length of the typical American series (though, given the usual, non-Office track record for US versions of British series, it will likely end up being shorter than the British version).

I think, thanks to Mom, I've figured out the main thing needed for the book I'm revising. Now I just need to make it happen, if I ever again have the energy to try to work for more than five minutes at a time. But I will not whine about being weak and tired and unable to focus.

Meanwhile, I've had a character living in my brain for nearly twenty years. She first showed up in a dream, and she came to life fully formed, complete with a name. I've auditioned her for a role in every story idea I've come up with, but she's never quite fit. I've sort of kept her busy by dropping her into mental fanfic every so often for series that need someone like her, but she hasn't yet fit into her own story. Now, though, I've finally come up with a story for her where she works and belongs, and it's really been taking shape in my head. And then I read about a new British TV series that has a lead character with the same name. Arrrgggghhhh! I had it first! But it's not a really weird or unusual name, and I use a different form of the first name, so I think I can still use it. It was just really surreal to be reading something online about a character with the same name as someone who's been living in my head for so long, and the actress who plays her could even play this character in my head. And, no, I'm not going to say what it is because I still plan to use this character and this name, and I don't want to draw more attention to it. I guess this is kind of like when Stargate SG-1 came on and one of the main characters had the same name as the pen name I was using at the time.

Now I have some errands I really must run that have to be done today, and I have to gather the energy to go do them. I'm tempted to split off the errands that must be done today and then put the rest off until tomorrow, but I think it might be better to just do them all at once today and then not have to worry about anything tomorrow. I guess we'll see how I feel once I'm out and about. It does look like cabin fever this weekend won't be an issue, as I don't much feel like doing anything.

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