Monday, February 04, 2008

Back Among the Living

I now seem to be more or less kind of on the mend. I'm in the annoying twilight zone of illness, where I'm not really sick anymore (no fever, no aches, just a bit of a cough), but I don't actually feel good. So I don't feel sick enough to justify staying in bed or on the sofa all day, doing nothing, but I don't feel well enough to do much of anything. I'm not going to push myself to work a normal day, but I am going to try to accomplish something. Just getting through a week's worth of e-mail will be a major chore. I suspect that if my energy keeps increasing, I will have a massive case of cabin fever by next weekend and will have to go out and do something.

On the up side, I think I lost any weight I put on during the holidays, so I've got a fresh start for getting in shape once I have the energy to exercise again.

One very odd coincidence: The last time I had a real, full-on case of influenza, it was back in 1993, and it happened right after the can-opener incident that gave me the big scar on my thumb. And then this time I have flu, it came right after I burned my hand (which has almost entirely healed, but it's too soon to know how much scarring there will be). So, does an injury to the hand cause the flu? Inquiring minds want to know.

It actually took me most of Sunday last week to realize I was sick. The first symptoms were the intense body aches, but I thought that was because of an accident I had on Saturday. I was running to pick up a ringing phone, tripped and fell from my bedroom into the entryway, where I slid across the tiled floor to hit the wall. And then I got to the phone to be able to tell my mom the name of Death's horse in the Discworld books. I hadn't thought it possible to snarl the name "Binky," but it is (not that it was Mom's fault, since she didn't know what I was going through to answer the phone, but it does feel like the more effort you go to in order to answer the phone or the more inconvenient the call, the more important it should be). The next day, I was bruised in a few places, but I was surprisingly sore all over. I was mentally preparing a rant going back to my mention of the main characters getting injured occasionally as one of the things I like in a story, with this as evidence, that if a minor fall leaves me that sore the next day, how do these people get bounced off walls and then keep going all the time on TV? And then later in the day I figured out that I was feverish and achy and maybe I had the flu instead of hurting from tripping and falling.

My invalid entertainment included almost all of season 3 of Doctor Who (but not the last episode because that one makes me cry, and I'd reached the stuffy head/sniffly portion of the illness by then, where crying makes it worse), then the DVD of the three Wallace and Gromit shorts (plus two episodes of Shaun the Sheep -- LOVE!!!), and then I discovered season 2 of Life on Mars on BBCAmerica OnDemand, and after a few episodes, I'm rather hooked and will need to find a way to see the first season. After seeing some of the "mean girls" recommendations here, I caught Cruel Intentions 2 on one of the cable channels, and my goodness, but that was awful, though it was kind of fun seeing Amy Adams act bitchy, which I wasn't sure was possible. But it was way too over-the-top for what I have in mind. Now I'm mostly looking forward to having the attention span for really reading again. I only managed one book the whole week, and I know I'm going to have to re-read it.

Now I suppose I should tackle the e-mail. I suspect most of the mailing list digests will be deleted unread.

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