Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Office Party

I'm late posting because I had an office party to go to, and yes, it was a real office party rather than one of my "office parties," which usually involve sitting on the sofa, watching a movie and eating cookies. The office at the medical school I used to work for and that I still freelance for invited me to their holiday lunch. Some of the people who were there back when I first worked there -- in my very first job out of school -- are still there, so it was definitely a blast from the past. We even went to the same restaurant we always used to go to back then. I scored a Captain Picard Christmas ornament in the white elephant gift exchange, so I think he's going to sit on my desk and be a constant reminder to "make it so." Or he could sit on my bookcase and glare at Mulder and Scully. Now I think I need a Dalek.

On the way home, I stopped by Borders to by the Hogfather DVD (sorry, Mom, but they were out of the book), and then my business gift to myself was a digital camera. Fair warning, this could get dangerous if I can just take pictures and post them instead of waiting to get film developed. This one supposedly also does short video clips. I sense hours of time wasting. Sadly, there was no one working at Best Buy who even remotely resembled either Chuck or Adam Baldwin, but one of the guys at the Geek Squad desk did bear a striking resemblance to one of the lesser Nerd Herders.

Since I seem to provide a valuable TV Guide type listings service, in case you weren't aware, there is a new episode of Supernatural on tonight. It's their Christmas episode, which should be interesting.

I already knew from conversations that the Borders staff are all Firefly fans, but I noticed on this trip that they have Serenity displayed in their DVD gift selections, they have the Firefly TV series soundtrack rather prominently displayed in the sountracks section, and they had Serenity Found on a special display of books related to TV in the DVD section. I guess I should have offered to sign their Serenity Found copies.

And now since it's actually a pretty nice day, and since I ate a huge Italian lunch, I think I'm going to walk to the post office.

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