Friday, December 28, 2007

Girlfriends Cyber Circuit Presents Melissa Senate (again!)

First, I have to do a little happy dance gloating after the rather decisive Texas victory in the Holiday Bowl last night (a reason I'm rather groggy this morning -- man, that game went on FOREVER). The best part about it was the way the universe seemed to be conspiring to make the announcers look stupid. It always feels to me like the national network announcers are biased against Texas, but that could just be the way people tend to think network news is biased against their political opinions. In other words, you tend to be more sensitive to perceived attacks on your side and not notice negative remarks about the other side. For all I know, these announcers had really done their homework and all the statistics were against Texas before the game. But once the game started, every time one of the announcers started to say something negative against Texas, the team would do something great before the sentence was over. And every time they said something positive about Arizona State, they'd fumble or throw an interception. So as the announcer was completing the original thought, we'd be watching the exact opposite happen. It was highly entertaining.

Now, I have to catch up with an online book tour post. Up on the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit is Theodora Twist by Melissa Senate, which is now available in paperback.

Theodora Twist is Hollywood’s hottest young actress—the girl everyone wants to be. Producers court her, tabloids love her, fans mob her, and US Weekly has covered every catfight with her co-stars, her ongoing feud with her mother, her yo-yo dieting, and her threesome with two Hollywood it-boys. Needless to say, Theodora doesn’t have the best reputation around.

So when Theodora’s publicity team decides to clean up her act with a reality show called Theodora Twist—Just a Regular Teen!, they send Theodora back to her hometown to live with Emily’s family for a month. Theodora has to do everything Emily does: attend high school, care about grades, friends, boys, the prom, zits (as though Theodora has ever had one). And a very unlikely friendship is formed.

You can read an excerpt or order from Amazon.

As you might recall from one of Melissa's previous tours, she used to be the senior editor over a line I wrote for and was the very first publishing person I ever met, way back in the Dark Ages. She's best known for writing adult novels, including the bestselling See Jane Date, which was made into a Family Channel movie starring Charisma Carpenter, and this is her young adult debut. For more info on her books, visit Melissa's web site.

Coming Monday, my year in review and some thoughts on the coming year.

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