Monday, February 05, 2007

Post-Weekend Catch-Up

I'm going to have to quit planning to get work done during the weekends because it just never seems to happen, and then I only end up feeling guilty instead of enjoying the goofing off. I did get a few things done, but otherwise, it was a major sofa time extravaganza. And no, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I watched Cinema Paradiso on TCM because I'd heard a lot about it but had never seen it. Of course, it left me all weepy and reflective. I'm sort of an architecture nut and am a big fan of historic preservation, so I think the sight of that lovely old town square being used as a parking lot near the end made me cry as much as anything else in the movie.

But now I have to catch up on everything I was supposed to have done this weekend. I'm still working my way through dealing with e-mails that weren't emergency crises, though I did get caught up on dealing with blog comments over the weekend. This is a short week for me because I'm going to Chicago on Friday for Capricon. I hope it warms up a wee bit before the weekend because I looked on the weather map, and those are some seriously insane temperatures up there right now. I guess I can drag out all my heavy winter clothing that I never get to wear (and then I'll sweat indoors). I'm just not equipped for temperatures that far below freezing.

I also need to come up with something to wear to the Enchanted, Inc. theme party. I'd been thinking of dressing like the Once Upon Stilettos cover, but that's a silk dress that doesn't travel well, and I learned the hard way not to try to spend hours on my feet in the Infamous Red Stilettos. I may dig up some of my old work clothes from back in the early days of the day job, when I had to wear suits. I think a purple suit with fairy wings could be fun. I guess I could still do the red shoes with that, but they're likely to end up not on my feet after a while, unless I can manage to sit down a bit throughout the evening.

And now I can't think of anything else to say. I think I need to go take a walk to clear my head enough for me to get to work. If you really must read more of my wit today (hah!) I'm the guest columnist at 2 Be Read.

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