Saturday, August 26, 2006

Omen of the Apocalypse

I was on time -- nay, early -- for a morning meeting this morning. I got up before my alarm went off, had my outfit decided and clothes more or less laid out so there was no frantic searching, and I even had time to read the newspaper before I left.

I'm just letting everyone know in case there was some stuff you wanted to get done before the world came to an end.

And wouldn't you know it, it turned out to be a meeting I didn't really need to be at. It was for a writing group, and the workshop was on characterization, with an approach that's exactly the opposite of what I know works for me. I'm sure some of the information would be helpful for many writers, but for me, I know I'd end up with characters who were hollow shells with some interesting characteristics. Plus, it was a two-hour workshop, and I have to be somewhere early this evening, so I figured I'd be better off getting home and writing and left during the mid-way break.

But still, I got up on time and got somewhere on time! Without rushing or feeling frantic! In the morning! Go, me! (I am not a morning person.)

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