Friday, July 14, 2006

Sci Fi Friday

Today's t-shirt: Terry Fox Run 2002, the year I ran instead of volunteering.

I don't have much to say today, and I need to be getting to work, so this will likely be brief (for me). I've been reading a lot lately, so I've got a good book report building up, but I have a theme going and a potential rant, so it will have to wait. I used to not read much while I was writing, but with this book I've been inhaling books -- three novels in the past week. It seems to spark my creativity. I just have to be careful not to let it eat into my writing time. I'm trying to be better about saving the reading for bedtime and not letting myself sneak pages during the day, because a few pages will quickly turn into a few chapters.

I'm deliriously happy about Sci Fi Friday kicking off again tonight. I have pizza and root beer, and I'm all ready for a night of couch potato bliss. It's not true Sci Fi Friday for me without Battlestar Galactica, but that's not starting up again until the fall, when this book will be done, but I can still enjoy the Stargates, with the added benefit of the fact that they don't really take over my brain in the same way, which means they won't interfere with my writing. Speaking of Battlestar Galactica, the book So Say We All, which is a set of essays about it (including one I wrote), is scheduled for publication this fall, around the time of the season 3 premiere.

I'm still not quite ready to announce my big news. It's in the "pinch me" category, so I'm waiting for a good pinch before I say anything publicly. It would be just my luck that I'd announce something, make a huge fuss, and then discover that there's a misunderstanding. I should be more certain next week. Yes, I'm being a bit of a tease about this, but hello, you've read my books (and if not, what are you doing here?), so you've seen how I end chapters. You should know I like building suspense. I torture my own mother by making her read a chapter at a time.

In the absence of me having anything substantial to say today, I've got another Out of the Blogosphere book to tell you about, Michelle Rowan's Angel With Attitude (appropriate for Sci Fi Friday, huh?). Falling naked into the killer whale tank at MarineLand is always bad news, but it's a real bummer when you've just been kicked out of Heaven. Former angel Valerie Grace is determined to reverse her banishment -- Earth's just no fun.

Her best friend is a slightly perverted human-turned-rat, and she's being tailed by a sexy Tempter Demon named Nathaniel, who's trying to lure her to hell with kisses that are almost worth the trip. With the talking rodent sneaking peeks down her shirt and Nathaniel getting more irresistible every minute, this ex-angel has only one hope: find the stolen Key to Heaven and go home.

Then the oddest thing happens -- Nathaniel starts to show signs of loyalty and love. And soon Val is asking herself if it is such a bad thing to have the hots for a demon.

And now I'm off to write.

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