Friday, July 21, 2006


It's amazing how draining writing a book can be. I always seem to go into a big slump as soon as I'm done. But instead of being a slug today, I made myself get out and about.

I think I have a new favorite mall. I hadn't been to this mall in more than ten years (it's one of the nation's first enclosed shopping malls), but it's now been totally redone and added to, and it has all the stores I want, right in one place. Even better, it has a huge movie theater, and the first show of the day on Fridays is a super-bargain matinee. So, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and when I got to the mall the shops weren't even open. It was just me and the mall walkers, which meant I got a parking space in the parking garage, right by the entrance. Then after the movie, I did a bit of shopping.

I enjoyed the movie. Basically, if there's a barroom brawl and a swordfight, I'm so there, and their fight choreography was really quite creative. The people who leave the moment the credits start did miss a fun bit at the very end. I had a feeling there would be one, so I waited, even though they were cleaning the theater and seating people for the next show (very annoying). I was glad I was vindicated for my waiting because I'd have felt like a dummy if I'd sat through all the credits for nothing.

Then I wasn't really too jazzed about shopping, which is odd for me. I got some new makeup and a killer pair of mid-height black stiletto pumps, but I didn't see any clothes I even wanted to try on.

Remember the booksigning Saturday at B&N in Lewisville, Texas, 2-4.

And now time for my Sci Fi Friday slumber party (the TV only seems to work for half an hour at a time, so it looks like I'll be watching in bed tonight).

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