Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Free Saturday

I just realized that this is my first Saturday with no book-related stuff going on since Easter, and there were four weekends of book stuff leading up to Easter. I probably will do some book-related work (just writing this blog counts as marketing activity), but I have no scheduled book-related events that require leaving the house. I will have to leave the house to go to a friend's birthday party tonight, and books may be discussed there, but it doesn't count. Next weekend, I have an online workshop, which is a scheduled book activity that doesn't require leaving the house. Then the following weekend a booksigning, and then a convention, so it will be next month before I have another weekend free of scheduled book-related activities.

It was nice having Friday evening free to relax at home with the Sci Fi channel, some pizza and a Dr Pepper (though Dr. Who was a wee bit stressful), and I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep in on a Saturday morning and then have a leisurely breakfast.

I've made decent progress on my house cleaning efforts. The kitchen, dining room and main part of the living room have now been straightened up, and I've scrubbed the bathtub. I decided to clean like I write -- in layers. On this pass, I'm doing some straightening: throwing out things that need to be tossed, putting away things that have a home and getting things that don't have a home out of the way. I've been using a modification of the FlyLady system, putting on a CD and then getting as much done as I can in a certain area while that CD plays, then taking a break when it's done. While I listen to the CD, I'm also thinking of the book four soundtrack.

On my next pass, I'll do cleaning: vacuum/mop and dust. Then once things are superficially clean, I'll go into more serious FlyLady decluttering mode, with 15-minutes at a time of sorting, organizing and deep cleaning. Meanwhile, I'll try to start the habits and routines to maintain all this. I'm proud to say that I had my sink clean before I went to bed last night, and I put the day's newspaper in the recycling bag to keep my dining table and sofa clear, and it really was refreshing to wake up to. Today I've already cleaned up after breakfast and even made my bed. I'd like to finish with the living room and do the downstairs bathroom and my bedroom today. I hope I can sustain the enthusiasm even when I fall into the book.

Now, off to clean the bathroom!

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