Monday, June 19, 2006

Designated Nerds

I had some writing momentum going into the weekend, then became a total slacker. I've got a chapter and a half written now (yay!) but am about a chapter behind where I hoped I'd be at this point. I usually do go into marathons later in a book, so I'm sure I'll catch up. Aside from the tiredness and distraction issues over the weekend, I am having fun with the book. It's a bit different in a lot of ways from the earlier ones, so it's like writing something new while also writing something familiar.

I had a fun booksigning Saturday. I may need to get a geek friend (or stealth geek friend) to come to all my signings because it seems like I sell the most books when I'm chattering away with a friend about good geeky stuff like Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, the Stargates, etc., and then people who are in the store overhear the conversation, join in, and then end up buying books because I sound like I'm reasonably cool (I think I sold a couple of books just because I recognized the picture of River on one person's t-shirt). I guess I need to start a Designated Co-Nerd sign-up sheet for all my appearances. I did find out that Candace Havens, who was signing with me, is a TV writer, and she gets advance copies of a lot of the TV pilots and season premieres. She may find me on her couch at certain times of the year. I'll bring dessert or snacks.

Clutter Demon update: I haven't made much progress, but I've managed to maintain what I have done, so the bed has been made consistently, the dishes generally get done pretty quickly, and no new piles of clutter have appeared. I just haven't made much more of a dent in the remaining existing clutter. At least this time when I go out of town, I won't be leaving a mess behind that I'll have to face when I return.

I learned last weekend that my neighborhood movie theater, the one I can walk to that closed last fall, is re-opening soon under new ownership. I got all excited, and then I realized that there aren't too many movies coming out soon that I'm dying to see. Maybe in the fall when I'm done with the book and the weather is more suitable for hiking up the hill in the middle of the day, there will be more things to see. The only movie I might pay full price for in the near future is the new pirate movie. Otherwise, just about everything strikes me as either 50 cent day at the dollar theater or wait for HBO. I hope this theater gets back some of the same staff from its last incarnation because they were all really nice.

And now I guess I'd better get to work on the book so I can get caught up.


April Erwin said...

It's just too bad I don't live in your area. I could easily be your stealth nerd. Stargate especially, is like oxygen. Absolutely necessary for living. :)

Shanna Swendson said...

And Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder's character) is my TV husband. He would be the perfect man for me if he weren't, you know, fictional.