Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I had my annual viewing of The Holiday last night, and even aside from the Christmas stuff, I think that's an excellent romantic comedy, one of the few good ones in the past decade or so. This morning I made pecan waffles, but it's different this year because unlike the last couple of years, it's sunny today, and in the past I've enjoyed my Christmas Eve breakfast with the Christmas tree lights on and music playing. The lights are kind of pointless when it's bright outside. It'll be nice not having to drive in the rain tomorrow, but I did rather like it when it was dark and gray out because then I could see the Christmas lights or see trees through windows as I drove past. It won't be quite as magical on a bright day.

I still need to wrap gifts (didn't get around to it yesterday), and then I have two services tonight. I'm already sleepy, so there will likely be napping so I can be conscious at midnight.

I made a lot of progress on the screenplay yesterday. I'm nearing the halfway point. I had planned to spend a lot of today watching bad Christmas movies, but I'm thinking that instead I'll write one since I'm kind of having an anti-sound/noise day when I need quiet. I need to do some singing so I'm not going from nothing to singing full out, and I need to practice a little bit. Maybe the sensory input aversion will fade as the day goes by or after a nap.

Now I must go clean the kitchen, wrap gifts and do some packing. Then I'll be offline the rest of the week. So, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a fun, festive time to all!

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