Monday, August 12, 2013

Typical Monday

I hope the way the week started isn't going to be an indication of how it goes, since I had a dentist appointment this morning. That meant spending the morning lying upside down with my mouth open. So, basically, the typical Monday. I guess it wasn't too bad. No cavities, my gums are getting better, and since they also check blood pressure, that was good, too. I got the "stick with the flossing" lecture (rather than the "floss more" lecture) and a timer to make sure I brush long enough to avoid the tea stains, and then I'm in the clear for another six months.

After that, I finally bought my birthday present, speakers for my TV. In a fun twist, the ones I'd been looking at last week and didn't get were on sale this week. But shopping at Best Buy has become like buying a car, where the sales guy tells you how great a product is, then when you go to the money person to actually buy, they start telling you how you'd better buy the service plan/extended warranty because it's probably going to blow up and fall apart within about thirty seconds. I'm guessing they're making most of their profit these days on those service plans. You know, telling people about all the horrible things that can happen to the thing they're buying as they're buying it might not be the best sales strategy. They even have a chart of all the potential product failures on the checkout counter. I'm always tempted to say, "Wow, if it's that terrible a product, I don't want it at all," and then walk out, leaving it there. I actually came very close to doing that when I bought my car and they locked me in the room with the guy telling me about all the things that would go wrong if I didn't buy the extended warranty.

Of course, shopping for speakers for the TV made me start looking at TVs and how much better they are now than when I got mine, and then that means I need a new TV stand to hold a larger TV and all the cable boxes, DVD players, etc. When I bought the current TV stand, it held a TV and a VCR. I don't really have time to deal with it all right now, but I may be tempted in the fall, since I'm actually making money this year and should make money next year.

I've just realized that I have two and a half weeks before WorldCon, which means I need to take a look at my pre-travel to-do list. I may have to cross off "finish writing a book" since there are more critical things, like getting my car serviced, doing any necessary shopping, etc. This week is going to be busy, since it's music and art camp at church. I got off today because of the dentist appointment, but then I have to go Tuesday through Thursday. Fortunately, I have first grade, which means mostly the same kids I had in choir for the past two years. I just have to herd them around, not plan anything. However, choir starts the day after I get home from WorldCon, so I have some planning to do there.

Now that I've scared myself with how much I have to do, I guess I'd better get on it, huh?

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