Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Travel Aversion

Well, in the absence of any Enchanted, Inc. questions that weren't asking for spoilers, I guess I have to come up with something else to talk about. Yesterday was my usual book report day, which didn't happen because of jury duty. I also have the problem of having three books in progress at the moment. I guess I'm being moody, and I have to be in the right mood to read particular things, so I pick up a different book depending on what mood I'm in (and sometimes what room I'm in). That means it's taking me longer to read the books, but when I'm done reading, I'll have a lot of books on the list.

Strangely, I don't seem to have hit my usual summer reading mood. I was trying out some reading options to make sure I could deal with whatever I brought to jury duty (because it would be awful to get there and realize I didn't like the book I brought), and at first I thought my usual light summer reading would be the way to go, but I couldn't get into those books. I'm still reading my more usual fall/winter stuff. That could have something to do with what I've been writing, so it could change as I've shifted gears. I'm still looking for light and fun, but instead of going down the chick-lit/romantic comedy path, I seem to have a craving for light adventure -- spies and schemes and bopping around the world (or the universe).

Even more strangely, although in my reading I seem to be looking for globe-trotting adventure, I've found myself rather travel averse. I'm not going to any of the regional conventions that require travel this year. I have a membership and hotel reservation for WorldCon this summer, but I'm wavering on really committing by buying the airfare (I could always sell the membership and cancel the hotel) mostly because I just don't really want to travel right now. I don't have anything new to promote and I'm not sure what business I would get to do. It would mostly be a chance to network with other writers and catch up with people I only see at big conventions while staying at a nice hotel/resort. I know I'll have fun if I go. I just don't really want to do the "going" part. I need a TARDIS. I'd travel a lot more if I could materialize there without having to pack, go through the usual transit hassles, or leave my house behind.

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